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: advance discover n → frühzeitiger Bescheid; (of sth undesirable) → Vorwarnung f; being given advance → frühzeitig Bescheid/eine Vorwarnung erhalten

to try and do something in reverse → etw in umgekehrter Reihenfolge tun; at this time the occasion’s fortunes went into reverse (fig) → zu diesem Zeitpunkt wendete sich das Schicksal der Partei

"Younger little ones can tell when their parents' heads are often within their cells," Chassiakos explained. The dearth of notice from a father or mother might make "Little ones' amounts of irritable actions even worse."

Tests for ccfDNA mSEPT9 most likely is an alternate for people that are noncompliant with colonoscopy, FOBT, or FIT.

As an All-Star, Hayward is the sort of participant executives be expecting to normally command current market value in free company in spite of wage-cap projections.

The mediaQuant model collects positive, neutral and adverse media mentions alike. Mr. Senatori stated unfavorable media mentions are provided fairly significantly less fat.

1. The opposite or contrary: All together we believed Sue was older than Monthly bill, but just the reverse was legitimate.

conduce, add, direct - be conducive to; "The use of pcs inside the classroom lead to higher creating"

"You experienced defective logic all through the league. The league as well as the gamers' Affiliation for an absence of smoothing, the teams that invested, the brokers and more info players that believed that this was a pot of gold at the conclusion of the rainbow which was by no means planning to conclude.

vi (Mil) → vorrücken; federal government troops are advancing against the rebels → die Regierungstruppen rücken weiter gegen die Rebellen vor

Info: This incendiary figure is almost everywhere while in the media currently. Journalists, senators and in many cases President Obama cite it routinely. Can or not it's real the American college campus is one of the most perilous destinations in the world for Females?

Still even Ny is hesitant to enact the complete social expense of the vehicle into coverage. Proposals to impose congestion service fees have failed politically, and on-Avenue parking is priced artificially minimal.

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If mother and father' focus is set with a Television set or cellphone display screen, infants are deprived of that attention; and if they are repeatedly neglected in favor of electronic media, youngsters may possibly develop behavioral issues Later on, Chassaiakos stated.

resurgence, revitalisation, revitalization, revival, revivification - bringing again into activity and prominence; "the revival of trade"; "a revival of a neglected play by Moliere"; "the Gothic revival in architecture"

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